These terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") govern your use of non-s.com (hereinafter referred to as the "website"), our mobile Application (hereinafter referred to as "App"), products, and services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") and should be read in full. This website is owned and managed by [Nons stop platform] (hereinafter referred to as "Non-s"). The use of this website and the associated services or products shall be governed by these Terms and any other contracts or terms executed or agreed between you and Non-s. These terms are equally applicable to and equally govern our APP usage. By using this website you are deemed to have read and accepted this Terms and Conditions. If you do not Agree to this Terms and Conditions, you may stop using this Website, our App and services. The Terms and Conditions is an Agreement enforceable by law between you and the owners of this Site.


"App" refers to our software application meant for different mobile devices, available at different digital distribution platforms including but not limited to platforms like, App store, Play store, etc. "User" shall mean and refer to all Users of the website/App/services, its design, ideas, visual and textual content, including its various interfaces, their entirety and / or parts thereof, any use including passive viewing or browsing and / or active use as a print operation. , Storage, retention, transfer to others, use of the various application / website interfaces, form fillings, any interactive action, etc., online when connected to the Internet and / or offline when browsing the application / website and its interfaces even if Offline from the Internet, a user will also consider anyone who uses the information, software, files or interfaces that came to him in any way, even if they have reached him or his computer after some processing and / or disconnected from their content, textual and / or visual context as they appear in the app / website, including but not limited to, Business Users, Customer Users, Subscribers and Visitors to the website/App.

"Business User" shall mean and refer to Users who are business entities subscribing to the services provided by the Website by registration.

"Customer User" shall mean and refer to Users who are customers registering an account through the Website or the App, who may be looking for potential supplier by using our services.

"Subscriber" shall refer to Users who have subscribed to any paid services of the website by making online payment.

"Services" means and refers to any and all the services and/or products offered through the website or our App and described in detail in our services page.


Any person can visit, surf, browse the website/App.

Any person intending to use the services of this website/App, if any individual, must have reached the age of majority (legal age) as per laws of the country in which he is located and must have capacity to enter into this Agreement. Any Company or other entity having legal personality, if using this website/App, must have capacity to contract as per laws of the country in which it is incorporated.


Website/App offers services listed in the services page including free website, domain name registration, web design, web and APP based platform/interface for customer and builder to meet up, online marketing, etc. Website/App offers both free services and paid subscriptions subject to terms and conditions. Non-s reserves the right to continue or discontinue or make any addition to any service at its sole discretion. Access to web and email servers is terminated upon expiry of the services. Users shall be able to purchase a product and/or service through our APP or Website or Call centre, whose details are given in our website.


Non-s provides a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the website, website builder, our App, and services to our Users interested to use them, subject to these Terms. The website builder is either owned by Non-s or may be a third party hired by Non-s to execute website building job for its business users. In either of this cases, the User is prohibited to reproduce, modify, create derivative works, or redistribute the website builder, App, any other content or software products available in the site, in any way. The User is solely responsible for any content provided or uploaded by the User via the website builder, website, App, including but not limited to, software, sound, music, data, information, pictures, graphics, messages, files, videos ("User content"). The User shall be sole liable for any claims, damages, losses for any breach of law associated with the User content.


This website/app and all information provided in it are provived on an "as is" basis for information purposes only. all warranties including warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, services obtained from website/app will meet your expectations or non-infringement, and implied warranties are hereby disclaimed, so far as possible by appicable laws. Your use of this website/app is solely at your own risk.

The website/app may not be free from technical and/or typographical errors. None of the information in the website/app, including third party content, has been verified or authenticated. Any errors in information present in the website/app may not be corrected. you may use the website/app at your sole risk.

The user bears all risks for any loss or damage to the user's computer system or loss of data, resulting from obtaining any content from this website/app including but not limited to any damages caused by any transmitted viruses.


Under no circumstances shall non-s be held liable to you or to any third party, for any direct, consequential losses or damages (including but not limited to, any lost profits, loss of program, interruption of business, harm to goodwill or loss of data or damage to your system or otherwise), arising from or relating to use of this website/app, its products and services, or any other hyperlinked third party website/app, however arising, whether for breach of contract or tort or negligence, including without limitation damages arising due to a) inability to use of this website/app; b) cost of procurement of any substitute good or services through and from website/app ;c) state or conduct of any third party in the website/app, maclicious criminal behavior; d) false fraudulent transactions. If due to any applicable law the liability for any damages or losses resulting from use of this website/app cannot be completely disclaimed, to such extent the aforesaid clause may not apply, however, the maximum amount of liability in such circumstances shall be limited to the fee paid (if any) by the customer or business operator to non-s for the relevant period.


In order to access and use the features of the Service, you acknowledge and agree that you will need to automatically provide Non-s with your email, mobile number, address and other details at the time of registration at our Website/App.

Non-s reserves the right to collect information, content, material, publications via the App/website, relating to application / website usage patterns and use the information to enhance and / or enhance the services provided in the App / Website.

You understand and agree that in order to provide the Service, Non Stop must find your location and Users expressly consent to share their location when required. When the Customer user wishes to invite a supplier, he must provide the mobile number and provide additional and complete information and in this way the user gives his explicit consent to use this information, for this purpose we have to collect names, addresses, e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers and more.

The user of the application / website declares that all the details entered on the registration form are correct and accurate, including date of birth, sex, e-mail, address, locality, marital status, telephone number and all other details that the registrants fill in and / or interested.

For the avoidance of doubts Non-s, is not responsible for any losses incurred by any unauthorized use of your account, even if the use is unauthorized, you may be responsible for your losses. The Non-s is not responsible for any damage, or may be caused, as a result of sending confidential, private or personal information through the app / website. 

You must immediately notify Non-s of any security breach or unauthorized use of your mobile phone; Errors, errors or inaccuracies in the content, injury or property damage of any kind due to access and use of our service; any unauthorized access or use of our servers and / or any personal and / or stored financial information;  Event of interruption or interruption of transmission to or from our service.


The user hereby declares that he / she allows the app / website to make use of any information that it provides, including for the purpose of sending information about the app / website services and related third parties, as well as the implantation of "text files and software on the computer (" cookies ") that enable its identification / application. A site user agrees to pass on his or her details to advertisers in order to contact them with information and / or bids for whoever the app / site services are. For the purpose of improving the services, information and content of Non-s or informing Users about third party offers or offer to the user in person or the applicable rule or to inform the user about various products and services that may be of interest to the user and sold through the app / website and / or by third parties, Non-s may issue send certain information to Users via its newsletters, via: residential address or other address, the user's e-mail address; the user's cell phone monitor in the middle Service written messages on the phone's display; the voice mail box with the cell phone user's permission, according to the information given by the user at the of registering via the app / website. Non-s may collect and share information to analyze and provide statistical or other information to third parties, for the maintenance of the service provided by the app / website and For tracking user / app activity, subject to the provisions of these terms and subject to any law.


If the user asks to stop receiving any information from the website or APP in accordance with the above, he or she may at any time contact the site at electronic- info@non-s.com The site will endeavour to comply with the request. The website will use the information provided by a user in accordance with the provisions of any law and including the provisions of the Privacy Protection Act, 1981, as well as in accordance with the agreements and approvals given by the user on the form. For Users of our App, we have separate Privacy policy available with the App which govern the personal information collected via the App and its Usage.


Non-s reserves the right to amend the contents of this Website/App, in the products/services available and terms of this Website/App without prior notice. Non-s may also make changes and/or improvements in the products or programs described in the Website/App without prior notice. Users may go through the new amendments and refrain from using the services subject to other terms and conditions, if they don't agree to the newly amended terms. Non-s shall bear no liability for any omissions, errors in information or data provided in the Website/App, or third party content.


Non-s shall make best endeavours to make the services associated with this Website/App available 24×7, however the Website/App may not available in case there is any planned downtime, and unavailability of this Website/App due the circumstances beyond control of Non-s, including but not limited to failure of internet service provider, attacks to bring the service down or act of god. Non-s disclaims all liability whatsoever, including but not limited to for any losses ensuing to the User on account of such non-availability.


The Website/App, its contents, design, layout, software products, are operated, owned, controlled by Non-s and is the sole property of Non-s. All intellectual property Rights (IPR) including but not limited to copyright, patents, trade mark, proprietary rights, trade names, business names, are the sole property of Non-s. The User shall not infringe the said rights whether by means of copying, reproduction, derivative work, unauthorized usage, or by any other means whatsoever, unless expressly permitted by licensing through written contract.


This Website/App may contain links to third party Website/Apps. Such third party Website/Apps are independent of this Website/App and Non-s does not have control over such Website/Apps. Non-s does not endorse or promote them or makes any representations associated with the content in such Website/Apps, or their services. Users must verify such Website/Apps after careful scrutiny and may visit or use such Website/App at their sole risk and responsibility.


Non-s is headquartered in India

The User is solely responsible for complying with any local laws of the country to which the User belongs. The User may refrain from using this Website/App and its services, if it is causes breach of local laws of the country which the User belongs.

User hereby indemnifies Non-s for any claims, law suit against Non-s, losses or damages faced by Non-s, arising from breach of local laws on the part of the User.


The service may terminated due to the following reasons (non-exclusive reasons): 1)non-payment of subscription fee 2) breach of any provisions of this terms or any other contractual agreement between the User and Non-s; 3) disruption of business operation of the Website/App due to act on your part 4) any other sufficient cause determined by Non-s. In case services are terminated, whether due to breach of this terms or non-payment of fee, the content provided by the User in any User account shall be removed from the servers. The User may request termination or plan change by contacting the Website/App's customer service though the contact form.


The User hereby agrees to: a) provide accurate, correct details when you are providing information for registering an account or subscribing to services, in the Website/App; b)Not share your Login and password with any third parties; c) Not to sell you account to third parties without first informing Non-s; d) Update registration data with accurate and correct information when any significant change takes place in your personal details; e) Comply with these terms and other written contractual agreement (if any) executed between you and Non-s while subscribing to any services or otherwise.


Carrying out the following activities or Using the Website/App or its services for the following purposes (Prohibited activities) is prohibited:

  1. Launching any cyber attack on the website or APP or using any means to temporarily disable the Website/App or its services.
  2. Carrying out any illegal activity by using the Website/App or its services.
  3. Breach of intellectual property rights of any party by using any content to which the User does not have ownership.
  4. Carrying out any money laundering activities by the use of this Website/App or its services.
  5. republish, reproduce, duplicate, copy or exploit material, sell, rent, sub-license, redistribute, edit or modify any material or content of Website/App.
  6. Not to upload any post or content, which is inaccurate, pornographic, defamatory, racist, violent, harassing, obscene, harmful to Non-s or any other User of Non-s.
  7. Not to forge header to manipulate identifiers to disguise the origin of any content transmitted by the Website/App, or misrepresent your affiliation to any entity to which you are not affiliated.
  8. Take any action which negatively affects other user's ability to use this Website/App or collect personal data of other persons without prior authorization from them or post any personally identifying information or personal information without the consent of the any third parties to whom such information belongs.
  9. Carry out illegal lottery or online gambling operation, making threats, stalking, compromising the security of any networked account or site.
  10. Register another person for the app / website without his consent and no other e-mail, other telephone number, address or picture or any other personal identifying information without his consent is indicated.

User shall be solely liable for carrying out any prohibited activities through this Website/App and User agrees to indemnify Non-s against any losses, damages, claims, legal suits on account of carrying out any prohibited activities by the User. All


The Website/App has both free services and paid services. The free services shall be available for a period of 1 year from the date of registration and thereafter the free services provided to a User shall be discontinued. The currently applicable Fees for particular services is available at the Fees and Payments page. The fees and charges may be revised by Non-s from time to time, without prior notice. Members have the option to pay service fees in US Dollars. Invoices for services can be found by logging to your account. Billing inquiries and disputes associated with any payment should be brought to Non-s' attention within 30 days of the invoice date. Any failure to raise a complaint shall be deemed to be an admission that the invoices and charges imposed are accurate. In case any chargeback or charge dispute notices arise relating to any Subscriber account, Non-s may immediately suspend such an account pending further investigation. The Subscriber shall be subject to any chargeback service charges in case of chargeback. In case no auto renewal option is chosen, where payment shall be automatically deducted, or where auto renewal option is chosen but the payment could not be recovered from the subscriber, the services shall be discontinued immediately on expiry of subscription period, however, the services shall be restored on payment for renewal. Payments once made shall not be refunded.


In case any User breaches this Terms and Conditions, Non-s reserves the right to terminate any services associated with the User account, delete or suspend any User Account temporarily or permanently, ban any User from Using this Website/App. Non-s may refund part of fees for any unused period of usage, if User has subscribed to paid services of the Website/App as it sole discretion. In case, Non-s has sustained any damages or losses on account of breach of terms by any User or has engaged in any unlawful activity, Non-s may initiate legal action against such User or inform the law enforcement authorities of the jurisdiction in which the User is located. User agrees to indemnify Non-s for all claims, losses, expenses by third parties, due to the breach of terms by the User.


Non-s shall not wish to accept confidential proprietary information from business or customers through its Website/App. Any information provided to Non-s through its Website/App or related communication services shall not be held as confidential.


All disputes arising out of this terms and conditions (Agreement) shall be governed by laws of United States. Any dispute arising out of this terms and conditions shall be resolved by arbitration and sole arbitrator chosen by Non-s shall decide all disputes. The arbitration proceedings shall take place at United States.


You agree that any notices under this agreement shall be deemed to have given in case the notice is sent to you via email or registered mail at your address provided during registration or Fax, which you have provided to us at the time of registration or updated email as the case may be, addressed to the person, as per contact information posted on the Website/App. All notices via email or Fax shall effective upon transmission. All notice via registered mail shall be effective upon receipt.


Right and obligations specified in this terms, if by their nature are intended to survive after the termination shall remain effective after termination or expiration of terms.

Any specific waiver or non-enforcement of any right, in a particular instance, shall not be held as a continuing waiver or expectation of non enforcement.

In case any specific provision of this terms is held ineffective due to any applicable law, the arbitrator or court of law shall replace the said provision with any other provision which shall meet the same intended purpose of the original clause, so far as possible by law, and other remaining clauses shall remain in full effect.


Should you have any concerns or queries, shoot us an email at info@non-s.com.